School Life Leadership Team


The leadership of North Florida Christian School is committed to a school of excellence that can impact our diverse culture with biblical values of character, integrity, morality and scholarship.  They stand ready to assist you in this important task of education for your children.




Dr. Randy Ray Dr. Tom Phillips
President Middle-High School Administrator
B.S., Middle Tennessee State University         B.A., Tennessee Temple University 
M.R.E., Temple Baptist Seminary M.A., Regent University
D.D., Pensacola Christian College Ed.D, Union University
850.386.6327 extension 138 850.386.6327 extension 125              
Mrs. Cara Wynn  Mr. James P. Lieser 
Principal, Preschool-Elementary Guidance Director 
B.S., Liberty University B.S., Toccoa Falls Bible College 
M.Ed., Florida State University  M.S., Florida State University   Ed.S., Florida State University 
850.386.6327 extension 153 
  850.386.6327 extension 123 
Mrs. Janell Penny  Mrs. Nicolette Phillips 
Assistant Principal, Middle School   Assistant Principal, Elementary
B.S., Hertiage College  B.S., Tennessee Temple University 
M. Ed., Tennessee Temple University (candidate)  M.Ed., Florida State University
850.386.6327 extension 122  850.386.6327 extension 153 
Mr. Mike Posey   Mr. Robert Craft
Athletic Administrator/Head Baseball Coach  Head Football Coach/Dean of Men
B.S., Georgia College   B.S., Tennessee Tech University
M.B.A., North Central University   M.S. University of Illinois   Ed.S., Valdosta State University
850.386.6327 extension 123






Mrs. Gloria Allison  Mrs. Kim Anderson
B.S., Liberty University  B.S., Florida A&M University
M.A., Liberty University (Candidate)  Visual Arts
Elementary - 5th Grade  
Mr. Brad Bristol    Ms. Cassie Budd
 B.S., Pensacola Christian College  B.S. Florida State University
High School - History  High School - Science
 Mrs. Lynn Burgess  Mr. Phillip Brown

Mrs. Paulette Davis  Mrs. Susan Diekman
B.S., Florida A&M University  B.S., Florida State University
Middle/High School - S.T.A.R.S.  M.S., Florida State University  High School - English
Mrs. Holly Gorham  
B.S., Florida State University  
High School - Math  
Mrs. Hope Grant Mrs. Diane Gowans 
B.S., Florida Bible College   B.A., International Seminary  
M.A., Regent University  Elementary - 2nd Grade 
Elementary -  S.T.A.R.S.  
Mrs. Donah Hamlin  
B.A., Shelton College   
Mr. Robert Knight Mrs. Elizabeth Lieser 
B.S., Trinity Baptist College  B.S., Florida State University 
M.R.E., Bethany Bible Seminary  Elementary - Kindergarten 5  
M.Ed., Trinity Baptist College
Middle School - 6th Grade   
Mrs. Yukino McLemore   
B.S., Flagler College  
Preschool Age 4    
Mrs. Kimberly O'Leary Ms. Ashley Odom  
B.A., Rowan State University   B.S., Florida Baptist College
M.A., Nova Southeastern University (Candidate)   Music
Technology/Computer Applications  
Mrs. Vinessa Parker  Mr. Danny Phillips
B.A., University of Florida B.S., Baptist Bible College
High School - History English 
  Mr. Mike Posey
   B.S., Georgia College
  M.B. A.  North Central University
  High School - Science
  Athletic Administrator/Head Baseball Coach 
 Mrs. Jodie Price Mr. Steven Price
B.S., Cameron University B.S., Maranatha Baptist Bible College
B.S., Augusta State University M.A., Augusta State University 
Physical Education/Volleyball Coach Physical Education/Football Coach 
  Mr. William Roth
  B.A., Pensacola Christian College
  M.A.,Temple Baptist Seminary (Candidate)
  Middle School - Bible
Mr. Dan Scott Mrs. Rachelle Scott 
B.S., Fredonia State University B.S., Tennessee Temple University
M.Ed., Liberty University  M.A.T., Liberty University  (Candidate)
Elementary - 5th Grade   Elementary - 4th Grade  
Mrs. Sharon Shifflett  
B.S., John Brown University  
Elementary - 1st Grade  
  Mrs. Rebekah Simpson 
  B.A., Pensacola Christian College 
  M.A., Pensacola Christian College
  Middle School - History  
Mrs. Tammy Strickland   
B.A., Florida State University   
Elementary - Kindergarten 5  
 Business Office  
Mrs. Susan Bowman Mrs. Joye Rudd
850.386.6327 extension 130 850.386.6327 ext. 144 
 Eagle Cafe  NFCS Clinic
Mr. Jamie Hall    
 Administrative Office   
Christa Biddle
Registrar -  Executive Assistant  
 850.386.6327 extension 125  
Athletic Office  
Ms.  Diane Todd  
High School /Athletic Secretary   
850.386.6327 extension 123  
Elementary Office   
 Elementary Secretary  
  Debbie Cronin  
 850.386.6327 extension 153  
High School Office   
Ms. Diane Todd   
High School /Athletic Secretary   
850.386.6327 extension 123   
 Middle School Office  
Mrs. Shelby Stallworth
Middle School Secretary
850.386.6327 extension 122
 Preschool Office  
Mrs. Katrina Matthews  
Preschool Secretary  
850.386.6327 extension 197  


 All employees of North Florida Christian School have a duty to report all suspected or actual cases of child abuse, abandonment, or neglect; have immunity from liability if they report such cases in good faith and have a duty to comply with child protective investigations. There is a legal penalty for not reporting suspected or alleged child abuse or alleged misconduct by instructional personnel or school administrators. The Florida Abuse Hotline is 1.800.962.2873. The NFCS contact is the School Administrator’s Office – Mr. Tom Phillips at 850.386.6327 ext. 125, the Middle School/High School Principal, Mr. Tom Phillips, 850.386.6327, ext. 125, and/or Mrs. Cara Wynn, Preschool/Elementary Principal 850.386.6327 ext. 153.