Middle School Seventh Grade





This study helps ground students in key personal spiritual areas by teaching spiritual truths about the following important areas of life.

  • Birth--Salvation
  • Growth--the study of God's Word
  • Breath--the power of prayer
  • Communication--sharing Christ with the lost
  • Behavior--daily living based on biblical principles


Grammar and Composition
Written and spoken language is the most powerful way of communicating in this highly complex world of technology. Words continue to have power and today’s style of communication in many instances requires participants to select fewer, but yet clearer words in their communication. Students will increase their skills as they broaden their command of language in all of their communication.


The study of literature will provide the opportunity to engage other people, times, and events as the students broaden their perspectives. Reading from a Christian point of view will strengthen their faith and challenge their intellect. Learning from great writers of the past will offer inspiration to explore this world of language style.


Students will have the option of two math courses in seventh grade. Placement is based on current math grades, standardized test scores, and teacher recommendations.


Seventh Grade Math
Students will find a challenging class as they develop their math skills. Students will master fractions and decimals, factoring, ratio and proportion, probability, basic plane and solid geometry, basic algebra, basic statistics, the Pythagorean rule and other skills during the school year.


Students will study principles of mathematics, basic algebraic concepts, word problems solved algebraically, multiplying and dividing monomials, like and unlike terms, signed numbers, plane and solid geometry principles, sine, cosine, and tangent.


The course of study leads students in a study of life science. The course will cover foundations of Life Science including the definition of science, the scientific method, classification of organisms, and cellular respiration. Genetics will be covered which will discuss genes and cell division, DNA replication, RNA transcription, genetic crosses and chromosomal change. Origins of life will deal with creationism, evolution, literal view, and alternate views of Creation. The student will have sufficient information to convincingly understand the reasons for creationism. A part of the study will include Botany and the plant systems, Zoology, Ecology, and Human Anatomy and Physiology.


Social Studies
The course of study will include World History from A.D. 1000 to the present day. Students will see the influence of geography of the development of early cultures and how they spread. Comparative world governments will reveal to the students the ongoing process of history and its peoples under different governments. The students will see how religion has contributed to the development of the world’s cultures and governments.


Stanford Achievement Test 10th Edition - 7th Grade


The norm for 7th Grade is 7.7.


Subject Grade Equivalent
Reading 9.3 grade
Mathematics  8.0 grade 
Language  10.0 grade 
Spelling  8.3 grade 
Science  9.2 grade 
Social Science 9.6 grade 
Basic Battery  9.7 grade